"Standards in the care of skins and taxidermy collections", Conservation Centre of the Natural History Museum, London (UK)

Standards in the care and conservation of skins and taxidermy collections
Webpage of the Conservation Centre, Natural History Museum, London (UK)

This webpage comprises notes take from the Clothworkers Foundation workshop 23rd-24th January 2013. Project supported by the Cloth Workers Foundation and SYNTHESYS.

These notes have been developed from a workshop comprised of a collection of experts in the field. The notes are for development and will be a living document covering best practice in the preservation of skins and taxidermy materials. The Project does not cover or recommend interventive processes for the stabilization of skins and taxidermy materials.

Overview of discussion:
1. Review of Materials included in a skin and taxidermy collection
2. Ethical Problems and issues
3. Collecting techniques for specimen preservation
4. Processing Methods
5. Deterioration Mechanisms
6. Specimen Handling and Transportation
7. Health and Safety
8. Storage and storage environment
9. Monitoring Equipment and standards
10. Storage Media
11. Training Syllabus
12. Key Research questions