Leather Glossary, Walsall Leather Museum

To get a clearer understanding and meaning of some of the terms and words used in the leather trade, please check the leather glossary organised by the Walsall Leather Museum.

Walsall Leather Museum Bibliography

Walsall Leather Museum Bibliography

This bibliography has been compiled from the catalogue of the specialist library collection at the Wallsall Leather Museum (UK).


Leather: Reference and General Works (PDF 23KB)
History of Tanning and Currying (PDF 49KB)
The Craft of the Tanner and Currier (PDF 34KB)
The History of the Saddlery and Harness Trades (PDF 20KB)
Making Saddlery and Harness (PDF 38KB)
The Evolution of Saddles (PDF 32KB)
Leathercraft (PDF 35KB)
Costume Accessories (PDF 34KB)
Gloves and Glovemaking (PDF 26KB)
History of the Leathergoods Industry (PDF 36KB)
Bookbinding Techniques (PDF 20KB)
The History of Bookbindings (PDF 16KB)
The History of Shoes and Shoemaking (PDF 23KB)
Making Boots and Shoes (PDF 54KB)
Miscellaneous Leather Products and Crafts (PDF 34KB)
Leather Conservation (PDF 20KB)