"Biodeterioration of archeological leather" by Strzelczyk et al (1997)

Strzelczyk, A. B.; Bannach, L.; Kurowska, A.; “Biodeterioration of archeological leather”, International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation 39(4) (1997) 301-309(9)
doi:10.1016/S0964-8305(97)00026-7 (restricted access) / PDF

Leather objects are frequently found in archaeological excavation. Often this material is contaminated with mineral salts which crystallize on the surface upon excavation. Unconserved finds are easily attacked by microorganisms. The microflora growing on untreated as well as conserved leather artifacts were studied. Conservation treatments investigated include: mechanical cleaning, wet cleaning, wet cleaning in Canpac solution, chemical cleaning in orthophosphoric acid, sumach retanning, Al2(SO4)3 tawed, van Soest dressing, and silicone liquor.