Leathercraft by Johnson & Newkirk (1945)

Johnson, W. H.; Newkirk, L.V.; The hobbycraf series: leathercraft, The Webb Publishing Company, Saint Paul Minnesota (1945)

Table of contents:
I. The materials you use

II. Leatherworking tools and accessories

III. Working with leather

IV. Things to make


Making a saddle (1978)

Making a saddle, Council for Small Industries in Rural Areas, London (1978)
This book sets out to show in simple language and photographic illustration, methods employed in making a saddle - methods which apart from the use of some synthetic materials have remained unchanged for generations.


Notas sobre los cueros de Córdoba por Davillier (1879)

Davillier, J. C.; Notas sobre los cueros de Córdoba: guadamaciles de España, (traducidas del francés por Enrique Claudio Girbal), Imprenta del Hospicio Provincial, Gerona (1879)